What is “Erfan’s Tales”?

I’d like to start out by thanking those who have taken their time to visit this blog. It means a lot that you are reading this right now.

Whether you came across this by chance or through social media, you are probably wondering what this blog is all about. Well wonder no more, because I am about to explain it all. My name is Erfan Ajmi, and I am the fastest man ali… wait, sorry, wrong introduction. My name is Erfan Ajmi, I’m a writer and a unicorn (I’m also a television addict, but that’s not important).

Now, what exactly does a fabulous unicorn such as myself blog about? Will I blog about my horn? No of course not. I plan on blogging about a subject matter that has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember: writing.

For nearly six years now (entering seven), I have dedicated my life to my writing. I could go deep into details as to why I chose to be a writer, but that is not why I created this blog. I created this blog to cover various topics that have a habit of popping up when discussing writing. In short, I’ll be discussing these topics, and presenting my thoughts on them.

While some of these topics are already in mind, I’ll also be taking suggestions and questions from you. If you wish for me to discuss a certain topic or have a question related to writing, feel free to drop your question in the comment section or tweet it to @erfanstales.

It’s worth noting that I may post excerpts exclusive to this blog to demonstrate some of my thoughts. In these excerpts, the protagonists shall be named John and Mary, and the antagonists shall be known as Harold and Samantha.

Ladies and gentlemen, ghouls and devils, welcome to Erfan’s Tales. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.